Hidden Gems

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all
Helen Keller

Hidden gems, when found, stir excitement on another level and shift our perspective irrevocably through their uniqueness. They take us deeper, whether that means showing us the beauty of this world through new ways or speaking to people who widen and enhance our wisdom and viewpoints or sometimes, they are just purely exhilarating and push us out of our comfort zones and we can’t believe how lucky we are to have found that place, person or adventure. Hidden gems become etched in your mind forever. They are the experiences and people you can so vividly recall when others blur into the background. 

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Hwange National Park
Imvelo Safari Lodges, based in and around Hwange National Park are the experts in offering unique experiential and community-based safaris in the largest and most diverse national park in Zimbabwe. Explore their portfolio of camps and lodges – each one offering next-level safaris due to the unique topography, wildlife concentration, and activities. A must-visit for a truly authentic, purposeful safari led by a team who have dedicated themselves to the preservation of Hwange National Park’s wildlife and communities for the past 40 years.
Zambezi National Park
Victoria Falls River Lodge was the first private game lodge to be built in the Zambezi National Park. Situated on the banks of the Zambezi River, this unique lodge is so close to the famous Victoria Falls that one can see the spray in the distance but tranquil enough to completely relax in utter seclusion. Within the wilds of an African game park, on the banks of a mighty body of rushing water, discover an untamed opulence that invites you to make a little piece of Africa your own. Victoria Falls River Lodge offers a smorgasbord of accommodation offerings, from its classic camp, private island suites, luxurious villas and the brand-new afro-chic standalone Malachite camp. They are the cherry on top of any safari itinerary and a definite bucket list experience.
Mark Williams
a sunset view of a golden africa safari tent out in the bush
Roving Tented Camps
Golden Africa Safaris roving tented camps are curating journeys of distinction in some of the most sought-after safari locations in Botswana. Not only can they roam deeper into pristine wilderness areas, offering truly unforgettable safaris, they have a deep passion for showcasing and preserving the wilderness and the wildlife of Botswana, through their low footprint luxury offering and are proud to have a close and respectful relationship with Botswana’s indigenous people that they share with guests in totally unique ways. Heart-stopping experiences with wildlife, privately guided throughout and a diversity of ways to safari on offer, they are far from the norm.
Boteti River, Makgadikgadi National Park
Moela lodge is situated on the high banks of the Boteti River Valley, overlooking the grand amphitheatre for one of the world’s largest mammal migrations. Zebra & Wildebeest congregate in the valley below in their thousands, offering our guests front row seats to this safari phenomenon. Moela sits within a 770-hectare private concession and with vast numbers of wildlife coming straight to the lodge as well as access to the Makgadikgadi NP and Nxai Pans, they are perfectly located to enjoy an array of areas and diverse activities as well as being the ideal location to relax and enjoy the game viewing right from the lodge. The lodge was built by the local Batswana women and is a work of art – unique and luxurious!
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A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Thank You

Thank you to Imvelo Safari Lodges, Mark Butcher, Hauke Dressler, Logan Carter, Duncan Watson, Amy Olivier, Brendan Judge, Will Whitford, Gemma Catlin, Victoria Falls River Lodge, Golden Africa Safaris, David Dugmore for their incredible imagery. For any information on these photographers please contact Africa Hidden Gems.