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My story began in one of the biggest hidden gems there is – the diverse and enigmatic Zimbabwe. I’ve always thought the saying ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page’ *Saint Augustine sums up my life perfectly, as I have always been in love with the thrill of discovery and it has been my life’s passion to read the book.

My far-flung travels have taken me to 6 of 7 continents and over 50 countries and I have been blessed to have had many stand out experiences – from jungle trekking in Borneo in search of the rare orangutans and pygmy elephants to hot air ballooning in Morocco, to quad biking in Uruguay and sailing the unblemished Turkish coastline. My curiosity to seek out the hidden gems around the world has been so rewarding and allowed me to meet the most fascinating people and pursuits along the way.

In between enriching my life through culture, food, people and indelible places, I studied Business Science and then worked in marketing and sales for Unilever, one of the biggest consumer brand companies worldwide and on some of the biggest brands worldwide for 10 years in the UK, Ireland and South Africa.

However, the dream to explore the hidden gems of Africa were calling and I found my way back home. For 9 years, I was privileged to have shaped and grown the Imvelo Safari Lodges portfolio in Zimbabwe as the Marketing and Sales director overseeing the development and delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy for the business and leading sales growth worldwide. 

He gives Beauty for Ashes...
Isaiah 61:3
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The Imvelo brand today, is a one-of-a-kind experiential and community-based success story. It has been so rewarding to help put Hwange National Park (where I spent my childhood growing up) and which is the real hidden gem back onto the map for those looking for something life changing on top of an exceptional safari.

Imvelo have carved out some of the most unique ways to enjoy a safari from mountain biking, to close up photography in spacious underground hides and building their very own rail car ‘the Elephant Express’. Developing new and memorable ways to explore this gem of a park as well as being part of growing the company from the roots up to 7 established safari camps and lodges has been my absolute passion the last few years.

In my desire to keep reading the book and sharing the treasure trove of Africa, my sights were set on expanding my hidden gems offering and now I get to share my love for more of these unique places and people that offer unforgettable, transformative experiences. 

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Thank you to Imvelo Safari Lodges, Mark Butcher, Hauke Dressler, Logan Carter, Duncan Watson, Amy Olivier, Brendan Judge, Will Whitford, Gemma Catlin, Victoria Falls River Lodge, Golden Africa Safaris, David Dugmore for their incredible imagery. For any information on these photographers please contact Africa Hidden Gems.