Moela Safari

There is no-where else quite like it

Moela Safari boasts breathtaking views and a truly rare wildlife experience. The lodge is situated on the high banks of the Boteti River Valley, overlooking the grand amphitheatre for one of the world’s largest mammal migrations. Zebra & Wildebeest congregate in the valley below in their thousands, offering guests remarkable views.

The private concession boasts exclusive safari activities as well as offering year-round access into the Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pans National Parks. The lodge offers elegant safari style, blended with traditional African architecture and was constructed by skilled Batswana craftspeople and artisans, showcasing an afro-chic, minimalist design – authentic luxury at its best.

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Front row seats to Southern Africa’s largest migration

Picture waking up and walking down to your exclusive viewing deck and looking out over 40000 zebras, wildebeest and hundreds and hundreds of elephants, giraffe and many other plains game. This is safari heaven and needs to be experienced at least once in one’s lifetime! Moela provides the best location to view this mighty migration from above and to enjoy the delightful scenes all day long from their many different viewing decks around the lodge.

Immerse in Ancient Culture

At Moela Safari, guests have breath-taking & enlightened experiences, connecting deeply with the wildlife and local culture. To feel how humans & wildlife can enrich each other's lives. Guests have the rare opportunity to track animals and learn from the ancient Ju/'hoansi San people. They’ve been living in Southern Africa for thousands of years and represent some of the oldest traditions, most ancient hunting techniques and language. They reside at the lodge and guests can also enjoy unique experiences, like taking the San bushmen on a game drive or spending a morning learning their ancient traditions.

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Experience the other worldly Salt Pans

Guests staying four nights or more at Moela Safari, will be offered a Makgadikgadi Pans Sleep-Out in the dry season. This is an out of this world experience - Lie out on the pans just before night fall and watch the planetarium of stars unfold above you, enjoy a delicious meal out on the magnificent pans and fall asleep in your bed roll after listening to your guide enthral you with stories of the magic of the Makgadikgadi NP. Here the living desert is constantly full of surprises. Wake up to watch an epic sunrise over the salt crusted pans and then make your way to catch the first glimpse of the meerkats greeting the rising sun. After an unforgettable adventure, enjoy a leisurely drive back through the park to Moela Safari.

Support true community based tourism

Moela is built on community land, hires locally and guests can enjoy immersive cultural activities from the lodge like visiting the craft centre, learning how to make the clay bricks from the Batswana ladies that the lodge was built from and learning how the lodge is reducing human/wildlife conflict and supporting the teeming wildlife in the area. One leaves having experienced a once in a lifetime purposeful safari that truly changes lives and saves wildlife, all whilst enjoying a unique and luxurious safari in one of the most picturesque areas in Africa.

Leave with the wild in your soul. See it all in a new light.
David Dugmore.

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