We celebrate Thuza and Kusasa in Hwange this world rhino day!

The two very handsome rhino, Thuza and Kusasa have been in their new home at the Imvelo Ngamo sanctuary in southern Hwange for 5 months now and are doing so well. But this is just the beginning!

This world rhino day 22nd September 2022 – we wanted to share footage of our guests and communities interacting with the first 2 rhino living on community land, on the border of the national park – it has exceeded our wildest expectations and is a must to watch, it showcases everything this project stands for – bringing community and wildlife together and giving guests the opportunity for close up interaction with rhino again in Hwange!

The reason CRCI ( Community Rhino Conservation Initiative) is so unique is because of the people: the people living on communal land that have willingly allocated part of their grazing land to rhino and their conservation; the people who come from the local villages that have trained hard to become Cobra scouts; the people who have trusted the potential for tourism and conservation to provide them and their children with socio-economic opportunities.

We are so proud to part of this journey and positive change and today we celebrate Thuza and Kusasa and all rhino, an incredible species that we need to do all we can to protect and cherish to ensure they remain with us forever! I guarantee this video will make your day – this is a momentous achievement for Hwange and for our guests to have a meaningful impact on the communities who have taken the leap to be part of this ground-breaking conservation initiative.

Visit Hwange Community Rhino for more information on all the exciting future plans for CRCI and to find more information on walking with rhino in Southern Hwange, please visit Imvelo unique experiences

Credits to Duncan Watson for filming and editing and Chris L’abbe for the beautiful images of Thuza and Kusasa.



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Thank You

Thank you to Imvelo Safari Lodges, Mark Butcher, Hauke Dressler, Logan Carter, Duncan Watson, Amy Olivier, Brendan Judge, Will Whitford, Gemma Catlin, Victoria Falls River Lodge, Golden Africa Safaris, David Dugmore for their incredible imagery. For any information on these photographers please contact Africa Hidden Gems.