Honouring and celebrating World Earth Day.

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Honouring and celebrating World Earth Day. 2

I often think to myself how grateful I am, to get to be part of the journey of some of the most magnificent hidden gems who are doing so much good in this wonderful world and today we collectively get to celebrate our remarkable planet and reflect on how important it is for us to support operators on the ground who make it a priority in their business to protect our planet, our wildlife and our people and constantly have the core issues Earth day looks to address at the heart of their business every day. 

From investing in renewable energy sources, to no single use plastic, to offsetting carbon footprints and sustainable materials being used, to supporting local and low eco footprint camps – the camps in the Africa Hidden gems portfolio fundamentally support future proofing the earth for generations to come and they do it in the most remote areas, in some of the toughest environments and third world countries. But they are doing it, on scale, with tangible positive results which guests will feel and see when supporting purposeful travel by staying at any of the camps in the hand picked portfolio.  They are all showcasing truly transformative conservation work and are leaders in evolving the safari landscape for the better.  

Below are four such examples:

 For over two decades, Imvelo Safari Lodges have nurtured symbiotic relationships between man and nature – read more here on their staggering support: Conservation and Community at the heart of Imvelo.

Golden Africa Safari’s Luxury Roving camp, operates with a low eco footprint and their philosophy can be read here – Preservation of land, wildlife and culture are their core belief’s.

Moela Safari is at the forefront of 21st century conservation, working to rebalance ancient ecosystems in the greatest wildlife frontiers on earth. Read more here about how everything they do is based upon four pillars – Community, Commerce, Culture and Conservation

Victoria Falls River Lodge is committed to bringing positive, lasting change. The lodge’s high tech water filtration system allows for sparkling and still water to be produced and bottled on-site.  In addition, grey water systems and eco-friendly guest amenities are some of their other conservation efforts. More about their community and conservation projects can be found here:  Giving Back.



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Thank You

Thank you to Imvelo Safari Lodges, Mark Butcher, Hauke Dressler, Logan Carter, Duncan Watson, Amy Olivier, Brendan Judge, Will Whitford, Gemma Catlin, Victoria Falls River Lodge, Golden Africa Safaris, David Dugmore for their incredible imagery. For any information on these photographers please contact Africa Hidden Gems.