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We celebrate one of the greatest elephant shows on the planet!

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We celebrate one of the greatest elephant shows on the planet! 3

Hwange Park can rightfully claim to be the best place in the world to see the African elephant. Superherds of several hundred animals congregate at watering points in the dry season, where their social rituals provide endless hours of entertaining game viewing. In Celebrating World Elephant Day this year – we wanted to acknowledge that even though Hwange is home to a vast number of elephant ( more that 40000), poaching numbers are low and we are proud of all Imvelo Safari Lodges are doing through their community and conservation initiatives to ensure it remains that way, protecting this incredible species for future generations. Imvelo manages 18 wildlife pumps in and around the park to provide water for this enormous number of elephant and a vast array of other wildlife during the dry season. An amazing feat!

Hwange’s elephant population density of 3.1 / km2 compares with its 43 000 tourists per year (before the pandemic), a density of 3 visitors per square kilometre per year – giving more elephants than people at any one time, which is an interesting statistic which cannot be said of any other major African park!

With such magnificent wildlife resource available, Imvelo has developed a variety of ways for their guests to observe and photograph these amazing animals. As well as the traditional game drives, the professional guides will take guests on an approach on foot, while the more actively inclined can try mountain biking at Jozibanini Camp or canoeing on the Ngamo flats in a good wet season.  Enjoy a picnic lunch under a tree while watching elephant at a waterhole, or at Nehimba Lodge enjoy a candlelit dinner with elephants quenching their thirst only metres away.  For those who simply enjoy waiting and watching, the ‘Look-Up’ hides are a magical way to lose track of time in Africa.  Each of Imvelo’s very different camps are perfectly positioned in their own way to offer the greatest elephant show on the planet and opportunities to celebrate and enjoy time with these spectacular animals.

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We celebrate one of the greatest elephant shows on the planet! 4

Image credits: Imvelo Safari Lodges.



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