Why a luxury roving camp should be on your guest’s bucket list!

The Gem finder,  recently had a delightful and insightful interview with safari operator, world traveller and content writer Kellie Paxian, on her return from her roving safari in Botswana with Golden Africa Safaris. As Kellie says, If you are looking for a wild, immersive, incredible experience in the African bush for your guests… buckle up, this one’s for you. 

She went to great lengths to describe the experience of being in the African wilderness, surrounded by the raw power of nature with a pared-back immersive roving safari that still offers everything you could possibly need for a truly pioneering African experience…

“It starts with the senses; the smells of the bush, the sounds of nature, the light breeze against your skin,” says Kellie evocatively. “Golden Africa has fully mastered luxury amidst nature, and with their roving camp comes a lovely chill area with day beds, a coffee table with reading material and some tasteful and thoughtful decor,” she adds. No wifi, no emails, no screens, no messages… I was officially in full bush bliss mode, and that is the beauty of these camps.”

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Why a luxury roving camp should be on your guest's bucket list! 2

Kellie explains how impressive the roving camp set up is and what the experience involves in our chat below – don’t miss this one, it will transport you right into the middle of the bush, as Kellie also retells some of her incredible wildlife sightings and how Golden Africa gave her the chance to spend hours with her favourite wildlife with no other vehicles around and helped her feel so connected and have the time to appreciate the wildlife in their natural habitats.

Kellie hit the nail on the head, when she said, “You don’t need a fancy lodge to fill your soul, what you really need is nature and what you came here for — the wildlife! Golden Africa, with their years of guiding and hospitality experience offer this in spades, immersive dining experiences, wonderful luxury touches such as fluffy bathrobes and of course the knowledge and discussions we had for hours on end on all the wildlife with our private guide was fascinating.  I cannot express this passionately enough, Kellie says, “a great guide makes all the difference and Golden Africa delivers on this, amongst so many other things that can make or break your safari!” Volume up and click below to listen to our delightful discussion.

There are a lot of exciting tips, funny stories and thoughts on how best to curate a journey using the roving camp with fixed camps throughout the magnificent wildlife areas of Botswana. Don’t miss this one!

Credit: Kellie Paxian



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